About Us


Associates of Glens Falls (AOGF) is pleased to announce we have partnered with Zywave, Inc. to bring you and your company relevant and important information on topics like compliance and legislation, HR and employment issues and workplace safety.

Why Zywave?

Zywave, Inc. is the leading provider of technology-enabled content solutions for insurance brokers and their clients. Zywave has a large, diversified and loyal base of over 2,600 clients, including almost all of the top U.S. brokers.

What information is available?

We have information for both employers and employees, so you can use this content to meet the needs of your company’s management or to help you communicate with your workforce. The information available will depend on the specific needs of our clients. Topics covered may include legislation and compliance, such as health care reform and other important federal and state laws, along with information on HR, employee benefits and safety and risk management.

Where does the content come from?

Content is created by Zywave’s Content Development Team, which consists of attorneys, professional writers, editors, market research analysts and designers. From time to time, content is also licensed from trusted industry sources for your use. All content goes through a rigorous editing process and is regularly reviewed and updated as necessary after its initial release. Content is also updated when developments occur, such as new legislative or regulatory guidance.

How can I get it?

All of this information is available directly to you from Associates of Glens Falls Insurance. We will regularly provide information to you via email.

AOGF also has the ability to give you access to your own personal website (or Client Portal). Key content pieces can be emailed to you or posted directly to your customized website.
If you are interested in the Portal or have questions or specific content requests, please contact us and we will make every effort to meet your specific needs.

Additionally, through your Portal, if you ever misplace your username or password, simply click the Retrieve your login information? link on the site’s homepage.