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Meet Your Associate - Amanda Crozier

Join us in celebrating Amanda’s 10th anniversary at AOGF! Congratulations, Amanda!

Amanda's journey in the insurance industry is a testament to dedication, continuous learning, and resilience. After graduating from Emmanuel College in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree, Amanda began her career in insurance performing clerical work. Recognizing the need for further education to advance in her field, she enrolled in night classes at Bryant and Stratton College, eventually earning her New York State insurance license. This milestone led to her promotion to Customer Service Representative, where she benefited greatly from the mentorship of Lisa DeWitt, a colleague she still works with today. Amanda attributes her strong grasp of the insurance field to her time at Hartford School of Insurance.

Approximately three years later, Amanda's hard work and dedication earned her a promotion to account manager. In this role, she focused on two key sectors: Senior Health Care and Construction. She took pride in absorbing as much knowledge as possible to excel in her responsibilities. During this period, she earned three prestigious insurance designations: Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS), and Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR). These certifications reflect her commitment to professional development and expertise in her field.

Despite enjoying her role as an account manager, Amanda found herself drawn to the marketing aspect of the insurance industry. This interest led her to conversations with Joe Place about a new opportunity at Associates of Glens Falls Insurance. The prospect of joining a growing agency in a new position excited her, and in 2014, she accepted the role. Since then, she has worked closely with the sales team to review insurance submissions and place accounts, forming valuable relationships with various insurance carriers. Whether working with an ice cream shop or a tree service, Amanda excels at identifying the perfect market fit for each client. Over the past decade, she has greatly expanded her knowledge through carrier outings and seminars, always eager to ask questions and delve deeper into the industry.

Amanda's professional journey has not been without personal challenges. She tragically lost her husband, Luke, a few short months after their marriage. This period was incredibly difficult, but she remains grateful for the kindness and support shown by her colleagues at Associates of Glens Falls Insurance. This experience has reinforced her belief in the importance of living in the moment, as life is inherently short and unpredictable.

Outside of her professional life, Amanda prioritizes spending time with her family and friends. This balance between a successful career and a fulfilling personal life underscores her resilience and strength. Amanda's story is one of perseverance, professional growth, and the importance of human connections, both in and out of the workplace. Her ability to overcome personal adversity while achieving professional success serves as an inspiration to those around her.