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Meet Your Associate - Karen Wilkins

Karen WilkinsKaren's career journey in the insurance industry began over a decade ago. She initially explored personal lines but found her true calling in servicing commercial customers. Karen shared, "I enjoy working with commercial customers and servicing their accounts. Commercial insurance is my desired occupation." Before coming to the Associates of Glens Falls, Karen applied at a local agency in the town where she resides, Whitehall, NY to work closer to home. After about 4 years, the company moved the office to Glens Falls, where she eventually found AOGF.

Karen's professional accolades, including her CISR designation and Notary status in NYS, underscore her commitment to excellence. Her tenure encompasses a spectrum of experiences, from navigating policies to fostering client relationships, instilling in her a profound understanding of the industry's nuances. One of the aspects Karen cherishes most about working in the insurance industry is the variety of tasks each day brings. She highlighted the unpredictable nature of the work, emphasizing that every day presents new challenges and opportunities. Karen also attests to the supportive and nurturing environment fostered by Associates of Glens Falls. She emphasizes the company's ethos of generosity and care, highlighting numerous instances where colleagues have readily stepped up to aid one another in times of need. Karen fondly describes the workplace culture as akin to a close-knit family, where camaraderie and mutual support abound.

Beyond professional milestones, she navigates a path towards holistic well-being, prioritizing fitness, and mindfulness in her quest for vitality. Recognizing the importance of exercise and mindfulness, she strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle through daily exercise and a balanced diet. In addition, achieving a balance between professional responsibilities and personal life is a priority for Karen. She emphasized the importance of treasuring time spent with family outside of work, recognizing the precious nature of these moments. Karen is passionate about spending time with her three children, enjoying the beach, and basking in the sunshine. She dreams of eventually moving closer to the South, escaping the clutches of snow and ice. She embraces positivity, enjoys the beach, sunshine, and has a passion for dancing, often sharing this joyous activity with her daughter in the kitchen.

A fun and surprising fact about Karen is her brief stint working at Walt Disney World in Florida at the age of 19. She shared that it was a fantastic experience, and she remains grateful for the opportunity.

Karen's advice to newcomers in the field is to embrace change and new technology. Given the ever-evolving nature of the insurance industry, being adaptable is crucial for success. Karen expressed, “Be open to change and new technology. Our industry is ever changing, you need to just be able to roll with it”.

In conclusion, Karen W. is not just an Account Manager; she is a dedicated professional, a loving parent, and a positive force within the insurance industry. Her journey serves as an inspiration for those navigating the ever-changing landscape of the field.