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Q&A with Barb Marshall

Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/B-Marshall.jpgBarb Marshall joined Associates in December 1993 and is retiring in the middle of December 2020. She shares some of her history at our agency, along with plans for retirement.


Q1) How did you get the job 27 years ago?

I knew one of the owners of the Agency at the time, John Owens. I applied and they had no positions available, but I kept in touch with John or wore him down. They finally had a position available, and I started working the week after Christmas.  I remember the first day George Gohn (Chuck's father) gave me four of the largest files I've ever seen and told me to get familiar with this account, as I would be working on it. Those were the days of hard files and not electronic files. I got familiar, asked him questions, we discussed, and I have been working on that account for the last 27 years, along with other accounts as well.

Q2) What is your role at AOGF?

I am a Commercial Lines Account Manager.  We have a very diversified book of business and I’ve loved working with my clients- servicing, answering questions; just overall keeping my clients happy with whatever help I can extend to them. I’ve always tried to answer questions in a friendly, courteous manner and avoid using insurance lingo, which is easy to do. I’ve worked with clients that I now consider lifelong friends.  One of my other duties at Associates has been ‘social director’ which I love- planning surprises, parties and celebrations – maybe that is more of an after-work career for me.

Q3) What kept you coming back every day? What made you stay this long?

I enjoy helping clients, problem solving, or researching for my clients.  If I can place or find an insurance carrier for an unusual account, I would get a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. I've been told over the years there is nothing that we can't insure or find a home for; and I've carried that throughout my career.  Sometimes I feel like a dog on a bone finding a carrier for an unusual client; I hate giving up!

Q4) How have things changed in the past 27 years?

I have seen many changes during my 44-year career. I've gone from mail to faxes to email which now makes items so instant.  Sometimes you can bind a policy and the policy is instantly issued.  Things are so instant now; sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes not.  I’ve only worked at four agencies during my career but have seen enough that I knew I was in the right office at Associates.  At my first agency, I was assistant to homeowners in-office underwriter. I would type and rate homeowners’ policies manually. I then graduated to fire insurance which was more commercial lines; and pretty much never looked back.  I’ve never (or nearly never) been afraid of learning new procedures or easier ways to do things; don’t be afraid of change as it’s bound to happen!  Keep learning as it keeps you fresh.  That’s one thing at Associates, they are not afraid to try something new or different; I consider them forward-thinking in operational things.  We’ve never stood still; keep moving and pushing ahead; keep learning and teaching, that fit me perfectly.

Q5) What are your plans for retirement?

I've gotten a small taste in working 3 days per week since August.  Those 4 days that I have off go so fast.  I want to do some organizing at home; I have some projects in mind.  I used to read more and hope to get back to that.  I love flower gardening & hope to do that more; I always have craft ideas and have never had the time to pursue.  I have some trips in planning stages.

Some advice from Barb:

I think that’s one thing that I would share with new people getting into insurance or even any careers, not ever limiting it to a career – Just life in General:  Don’t be afraid of change and keep learning as it keeps you fresh and on the edge.


Congratulations, Barb! Thank you for 27 years of non-stop fun!

Wishing you a relaxing retirement!