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COVID-19 and its Impact on the Cost of Construction

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused many shifts in our industry. Our associates have been keeping up-to-date on regulatory and industry changes. After recently attending an insurance seminar, Sue wanted to share the answer to one common question.

Do I have enough insurance coverage in place to rebuild my home if there was a total loss?

I am aware that the cost of construction materials has increased due to COVID-19, but didn't realize it is up by 54%!

So it would be wise to check the Coverage A limit on your homeowners policy and see if the limit takes this increase and other factors into consideration.

If you are unsure where to look, we are always happy to review your policy with you.

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For additional information on this topic, see this article from our insurance company partner, Travelers Insurance: Is Your Home Insured to Its Replacement Cost?


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Sue Campagnone

Sue Campagnone is one of our veteran Personal Lines Account Managers. She enjoys taking care of her clients, but when she's not being a superstar agent, she loves spending time with her granddaughters and gardening in the summer.


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