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Project Act of Kindness - From Sue Campagnone, CISR


Much too often we hear about the negative. Today, I wish to share something positive. On April 3rd my husband was in Aldi’s in Queensbury and attempted to use his debit card when checking out. Unfortunately the PIN was rejected after several attempts. Suddenly a gentleman, dressed in a business suit stepped in, swiped his own debit card and quickly entered his own PIN. He turned to my husband and said “it’s on me today”. Naturally my husband was surprised at this gesture and immediately asked for his name and address so that he could send a check to repay him. The man shook his head and simply said “really, it is no problem and it was my pleasure” and walked away. Oddly enough, this same card was used later that day and the transaction went through without issue. My husband and I are firm believers that everything happens for a reason. So we would like to reciprocate. We are fortunate enough to be able to afford our groceries however, many are not. To thank this gentleman, we would like to begin a food drive to help the local food pantries.

Beginning today through May 16th “Project Act of Kindness” will be in full force collecting non-perishable food items. My employer has graciously allowed our office to be a drop off center. I am reaching out to the community – families, neighborhoods, businesses – no contribution is too small. You may stop by Associates of Glens Falls Insurance Agency at 228 Glen Street, Glens Falls, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Please visit our Facebook page to see our progress and share with family and friends to help spread the word….. So many need our support. To the gentleman who remains nameless, I do hope that you are reading this and know that your kind gesture truly made a difference. Thank you.

Sue Campagnone