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Banish Holiday Budget Stress

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as Thanksgiving morphs into the holiday season overnight. With parties to host, gatherings to attend and presents to buy, your pocketbook may feel the strain. Consider these suggestions to make the most of each dollar during this holiday season:

  • Establish a dollar limit for each person, and stick to it.
  • Shop online – many merchants offer special deals during the holidays and may offer free shipping. You’ll save gas going to and from the mall, too.
  • Use cash whenever possible to avoid hefty credit card bills come January.
  • Consider getting another job around the holidays. Many companies need seasonal employees during the holiday season, so that may be an easy way to make some extra money.

Try to make some gifts yourself, especially if you are particularly crafty and creative. Your family and friends will appreciate your heartfelt gesture.

* Information courtesy of Zywave.