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Happy Halloween Safety Tips from Associates of Glens Falls Insurance

How can I keep my child's costume safe?
Whether buying one or making your own, be sure fabrics for costumes and decorative materials are flame resistant. Don't permit your children to go trick-or-treating with candles; instead, outfit each with his or her own flashlight. To be more festive, there are Halloween-themed flashlights created just for this purpose. Costumes should be made without billowing or long-trailing features that present a higher risk of igniting.

What hazards are in the home?
According to the National Fire Prevention Association, fires caused by candles have been soaring in recent years, as many families use candles to decorate during this time of year. When decorating, keep in mind that dried flowers, cornstalks and crepe paper are highly flammable.  Keep these items away from heat sources. Illuminate your jack-o-lanterns with small flashlights instead of candles. Keep exits clear in case evacuation becomes necessary.

Are there other safety issues I should consider?
Although Halloween can be a lot of fun for children, certain safety precautions should be taken to ensure the festivities are safe as well as fun. Keep in mind these safety tips when sending your child out trick-or-treating:

  • Only visit the homes of people you know.
  • Children should trick-or-treat in groups or with adult supervision.
  • Wear reflective clothing so that motorists easily can see children crossing the
  • Inspect all the goodies before allowing your children to indulge.

Planning ahead can keep your children and home safe.  Associates of Glens Falls wishes everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!

* Information courtesy of PIA - National Association of Professional Insurance Agents

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