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Holiday Safety Tips

It’s Holiday Time!!!
A few holiday tips to keep you safe and warm this holiday season.

Engaged over the holidays? Make sure that your new prized possession – the ring – is properly insured. A typical homeowners policy insures jewelry for many causes of loss. However, it limits the amount you can recover for loss by theft. The limit is usually no more than $1,500 or $2,500 for theft of jewelry, watches, furs, precious and semiprecious stones. Theft of a diamond ring is more likely than a fire. Talk to us about the best way to insure it.

Getting a new MacBook Pro for Christmas? The good news is that your homeowners insurance will cover it. The bad news is that, of the four most likely causes of loss to a laptop, the policy only covers one – theft. It won’t cover damage caused by a power surge, from spilling a drink on it, or from dropping it. Talk to us about purchasing Special Computer Coverage. This relatively inexpensive insurance will pay for repairing or replacing a laptop that is lost or damaged in any of these ways.

Are you going to be lucky enough to receive a high-value gift card, perhaps the new $450 Starbucks gift card because you need to stay awake from now until March? Be aware that a typical homeowners policy provides $200 coverage on money, bank notes, bullion, precious metals, coins, medals, scrip, stored value cards and smart cards combined. A fire might destroy all of those things in one shot.

Information courtesy of IIABNY