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Q&A with Debbie Wolfe

Debbie WolfeAOGF Archive photo from 2012 taken by Twice Beloved Studio (Amy (Wolfe) Church, Debbie’s talented daughter)

The year was 1987 (some of our newer Associates were not even born yet) …
…that was the year Debbie Wolfe joined the AOGF family and since it’s not often that someone retires after 30 + years of service, we asked Deb to put pen to paper and share her experience!

Q 1) How did you get the job 31 years ago?   
Bill [my husband] was transferred from Canton, NY to Hudson Falls.  I was working in a small agency in Potsdam, NY and we had a company marketing guy that told me there was an opening at AOGF.  I came to the office and interviewed with George Gohn (Chuck’s Dad), John Owens and Ken Parker.  I was originally hired for sales (rounding out existing accounts) I did that for 1 year then became a personal lines CSR.  The rest is history…!

Q 2) What is your role at AOGF?
Good question….!!  My main role is Personal Lines Account manager.  My favorite thing is to take care of my customers. That means everything from taking payments, writing new policies, changes to policies and hand holding in the bad times and tears of joy in the good times.  I think what we do here is so important because we are a part of financial security for so many folks in all walks of life.  There is the 16-year-old driving for the first time and trying to figure out how to pay for car insurance.  There is the young couple buying their first home – helping them find good coverage at a reasonable price.  There is the young family buying a car and remodeling a home – letting them know that if we put all of their insurance with the same company they can save money.  There is the customer on vacation that forgets to pay their insurance calling you from Florida to make sure their policy is not cancelled.  There is the retired couple selling their home and moving away – can we write their insurance when the move to South Carolina?   There is the grieving widow asking for advice on what to do because her husband always took care of their insurance.  I have some customers who have gone through all of these things and have been talking to me for over 30 years.  It’s about service, relationships and family.  I think my other “role” at AOGF is being a part of an organization of men and women who spend a LOT of time together.  We have fun, we work hard, and I think of us as “family”.  Weddings, births, deaths, happiness and sadness.  We go through it together and it has been one of the joys of my life to be a part of it.

Q 3) What kept you coming back every day?  What made you stay this long?  
I know that we all have to work – we all need a job.  I can honestly say that I enjoy coming in to work every day.  I look forward to seeing my co-workers and I look forward to what challenges the day will bring.  I have worked at 3 other insurance agencies in 46 years and coming here every day has been great.  Sure, there are days when everything has gone wrong and I question my sanity, but I have never had a day when I don’t feel like I have helped someone in some way.  There are many, many insurance agencies in the Glens Falls/Queensbury area – we all do the same thing: Sell Insurance.  I believe that we sell ourselves and the service we provide.  I am proud of that and the work that we do.

Q 4) How have things changed at AOGF in the past 31 years?   
SO much has changed and yet some things have remained the same.  In the 31 years I have been here there are only 4 other people that were here when I started…!!  That’s amazing to me.  Many, many people have come and gone.  Phone systems and computer systems have been upgraded and updated.  The building has gone through so many changes through the years. But taking care of our customers and providing excellent customer service has remained the same - attention to detail – checking and double checking our work – communication and teamwork have and always will be constant.  So exciting to know that we will be expanding to another building right next door.  I will miss being a part of that.

Q 5) What are your plans for retirement? 
I love to work in our flower and vegetable gardens – I am so looking forward to having the time to expand and improve all of our gardens.  I have books piled up and ready to read.  Travel to Maine, Myrtle Beach and hopefully a cross country trip are in my future.  I have 9 grandchildren and I can’t wait to spend time with each and every one of them.  The future is just waiting for me and I’m more than ready….! 

Congratulations, Deb!
Thank you for everything and we wish you the very best in retirement!