COVID-19 Risk Management Hub

This Risk Management Hub is intended to be a COVID -19 resource for businesses, and this page is being updated regularly. Please visit the Coronavirus Resource Library (Source: Zywave), a comprehensive list of articles and updates available. We also have additional resources not mentioned on this page, including virtual trainings, checklists and policies.

If you are interested in a particular document from the Resource Library or need any additional information, please contact Liz Giblin, Client Risk Services, at

EEOC Updates Employer Guidance on Coronavirus and the ADA (Source: Zywave)

5 Practice and Policy Considerations in Advance of Return to Work (Source: Zywave)

Screening Employee Temperatures Upon Return to Work (Source: Zywave)

Designing a Post Coronavirus Office (Source: Zywave)

COVID-19 Guidance - Best Practice Info for Hotels (Source: Various Cited Within)

Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfecting (Source: CDC)

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Website

Coronavirus & Workplace Hygiene (Source: KPA Training Short)

Coronavirus Recording & Reporting Under OSHA Rules (Source: Zywave)

Coronavirus Resource Library (Source: Zywave)

10 Steps to Reduce Coronavirus Exposure Poster (Source: OSHA)

Navigating Flu Season During the COVID19 Pandemic (Source: Zywave)

Post-Coronavirus Remote Work Planning Checklist (Source: Zywave)

Designing A Post-Coronavirus Workplace (Source: Zywave)

How to Wear a Face Covering Poster (Source: Zywave)

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