Girard Perregaux vintage 1945 XXL large calendar with moon phases

The 1945 XXL vintage watch series has precise timepieces, ingenious design, superb watchmaking technology, and simple, elegant beauty. The new large stainless steel watch with moon phase and large chronograph makes a nice appearance, making the Vintage 1945 XXL watch range more powerful.

The two new Vintage 1945 XXL series are both internal and external.The rich design details have a strong contrast. The anthracite gray dial has a soft linear satin texture. The links of the steel chain belt are polished and satin finished.The design adds a sense of time.fake watches uk Triple stainless steel There is a safety switch inside the discount, which can adjust the length of the chain belt; the dial features elegant Breguet-style digital inlays, the outer timer ring and decorative details are shiny and beautiful and form a beautiful contrast to the dial decoration.

Large vintage 1945 XXL watch with moon phases, with hour, minute, date and moon phase display function; the large instant jump calendar at 12 o'clock is made up of two extremely thin dials, showing ten and single digits respectively in Jump instantly within a ten-millionth of a second;replica watches uk the moon phase at 6 o'clock, the date and moon phases are relatively balanced, the dial layout is clear, concise and non-ingenious, winning the essence of the Vintage 1945 series design style.

The Vintage 1945 XXL chronograph also wins with a clean design. The two timers are parallel to each other. The brass chronograph hand and central chronograph seconds hand are plated with rhodium. The crown-cut faceted hour and minute hands are beautifully crafted.

Although the dimensions of the rectangular steel case of the XXL Vintage 1945 series are generous, the proportion and curvature are just right and perfectly match the curvature of the wrist; the case is polished and polished and the luster is pleasing to the eye. The aesthetic appeal of the art deco trend in the early 20th century is the inspiration for the unique design style of the Vintage 1945 series.